What You Need To Know About Our Personal Shopper Group

We have a dedicated Group on Facebook which is run by our Personal Shoppers Lisa, Helen and Ann.

Our Group is friendly, informative and your comments and feedback are always welcome. We are able to help you with your personal shopping experience and help you to find the perfect products and at a budget to suit you.

If you are not on Facebook you can text, call or email them for more info.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Searching for Something?

If you need something for any occasion, new baby, birthday, new house then ask us for help we will help find it.

Place Orders

We can easily check stock availability and place any orders to you account for you on your behalf, saving you time to spend on more personal things.

Speak To Other Members

Post questions in the Group or speak to other members, ask them about us or our products and hear what they say. We value what our members think about us.

Weekly Special Offers

We sell items exclusive to our Personal Shopper Group at a discounted price, before they become available on our website and Vans.

Help With Payments

We can check your balance, credit limit and payments on your behalf, we can also ask for your payments to be increased for you or request someone calls about your Finances.

Book an appointment with a Personal Shopper.

You will get a slot and we will then contact you, usually via Facebook but we can call, email or text if it’s easier.

This will be a trial at first and if successful we will continue it.

Reminder to re-order

If you order fragrances, skin creams or makeup on a regular basis then ask us to set up a “Reminder to re-order” for you.

You can choose how often you would like to be reminded and we will then contact you and ask if you want to re order your favourite items.

Introducing Our Personal Shoppers Helen Turner, Ann Everitt and Lisa Drew

Lisa set up the Group in 2015, Helen joined in October 2016 and Ann in 2019
Together they work closely to make sure all our members are happy and get the products they want.
You can message Helen on: 07595 056205 (Mon, Thur, Fri)
You can message Ann on: 07710 855614 (Thurs and Fri)
You can email them at: ps@homestyle247.co.uk
You can also leave a message for a Personal Shopper to contact you via our App (available on iTunes and GooglePlay)