About Us

Homestyle was founded in 1993, and we have achieved so much over the years.

Our goal has always been to create a world where everyone can have access to affordable high-quality household products, from brands we trust.

We are responsible lenders, we will only lend what you can afford to pay us back.

We are all very friendly and approachable and want to provide you with a first class shopping experience. In order to achieve this we are here to support you with any questions or queries or even if you just want to chat about our products and services just get in touch and we will help in any way we can.

Homestyle Nationwide Limited are different in the way we work, we’re not just a website we also have Homestyle Vans that resemble mini shops on wheels and as far as we are aware no one else does what we do! We are leading the way and we want you all with us.

We welcome you to our Homestyle Nationwide Ltd Family.
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Your Trusted Pay Weekly Retailer For 30 years

Homestyle was founded December 1993.