You Paid HOW MUCH???

As much as we would love to compete with the large high street stores and supermarkets in reality its not just possible.

As a relatively small company Homestyle instead focus on a better customer service for our members with lots of added benefits, these are what help set us above our competitors.

We know we are often more expensive but really when you think about it, are we?

We do not want upfront payment, we do not want you to pay in full, we do not want you to take out insurance or any additional covers that will cost you, we do not even need a receipt, we do not charge interest, we have a set 0%APR, you can pay at a convenient time to you and we you do not even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

Lets talk then about how we compare to other high street companies that you may go to…

So for instance if you wanted a TV you have two options, to either buy it outright or to buy it on finance / pay weekly.

To buy it outright you obviously need the cash, this is by far your cheapest option and this is what we would always recommend.  Beware however of hidden charges such as Product protection cover or similar, this can be costly and unnecessary. Remember there may be a high delivery charge, some around the £30 mark, yikes! And of course you may have to save up for it so it may not be an instant purchase.  Don’t loose your receipt or its possible they wont replace or refund either.

Then there is the “credit option” you can get that same TV  (yes its the same but some companies change the stock code so you cant find it online and compare it, (we would never do this as we will not mislead our members, fact).  Yes its £6 per week, nice and cheap we can afford that, good. Yes, i can get it delivered (for a charge) and yes i will have a lovely new TV.  Downside is that this TV is not yours and might be taken back, its hundreds (maybe even thousands) above the RRP. There’s every chance it will come with an obligatory insurance charge and possibly even other charges.  This sort of company will expect regular, weekly payments and if you fail to pay you may loose your TV.  They will also try to sell you other items so that before you know it you are paying £20 plus a week for items you will not own for three years, yes three years and then the TV will be out of date and you will want another one….vicious circle and hard to get out of.


So were here helping you avoid that trap.  Were transparent, were very clear on any charges such as delivery, you will own your product from day one and most importantly we will not over sell to you, we will make sure you are happy with your payments and can comfortably afford them and that there is our promise to you, all we expect in return is for you to pay us when you say you will.  Easy, so that’s why or slogan is “Homestyle…the easier way”.

Next time you’re considering a high ticket purchase like a TV remember what I have said and take a good long look at that small print, if you don’t like what you see then walk away or give us a call.

Also consider this advice if you know elderly or vulnerable people that may be sucked into this trap, we are happy to take on new members recommended by you and may be able to help them or offer them some advice or point them in the right direction.  Look out for each other.

Feel free to call and speak to us about any purchases you’ve made with us, want to make in the future or if you want to discuss with us purchases you’ve made with other companies that you’re struggling to pay or feel you may struggle in the future, were happy to help or give suggestions on who may be able to help you if we cant.

Enough of my ramblings, talk more next week 💋

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