With a Spring in Our Step

I have officially had enough of winter, the constant colds, the darkness and the weather, thankfully it’s almost time to turn the clocks forward and officially welcome spring.

The move to British Summer Time means longer, lighter and warmer nights but it will mean you’ll lose an hour in bed on the day the clocks change but I think its all worth it and all the latest news at Homestyle will take your mind off the missing hour too!.

Whats all this latest news I hear you say…

Well as usual I have an exclusive here for you today, but I will make you wait a little longer to hear about that, first off I will update you on the new website we have been working on, all the upgrades and updating has been done and its going live as we speak so by the time you read this blog it will be all brand new and ready for you to take a look, for the nosy readers amongst us here is the link so you can take a peek www.homestyle247.com . We hope you like it and manage to navigate around it easily, if you spot any errors then please let us know.

We have expanded our Homestyle member areas and now cover:

  • Berkshire =Luton and Dunstable.
  • Sussex  = Little Hampton and Bognor
  • Essex = Chelmsford and Romford (website/personal shopper only, no van visit)

If you have friends and family in those areas, recommend they join us and we will give you a tenner for each one that becomes a member.

pablo (8)

Sad news next,  unfortunately the Birthday Club has now finished, apologies to members who have signed their children up but we feel that we can not offer enough for our members at this time to continue with the club.  We will put our efforts into more regular giveaways instead. Anyone who has joined the group on Facebook you will find that the group no longer exists.  We may look to reinstate this as our member base grows.

So here is the exclusive… now this is a fun way of taking part with Homestyle and also getting stuff for free.  Its our brand new “Product Tester Club“.  We are in the early planning stages of setting up a little group for Homestyle members to sign up to become a product tester.  If you are selected we will send you items from time to time to test out and write a review about it.  You obviously get to keep the item, even if you hate it!  We are quite excited about this and we hope to get a nice little group set up to become our first testers.  More will be revealed in the next blog and via Facebook and our new website over the coming month so if you are interested keep an eye out for updates next week in the personal shopper group.

There’s plenty more new stuff in the pipeline too so remember to keep reading our blogs and find out the latest news first here.

Oh and for info The UK swaps to British Summer Time on Sunday, March 26 at 1am, which means you should put your clocks forward an hour 🙂

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