Why Use Homestyle?

Good question….lets try to answer it

Were here to bridge a gap in the market by providing a weekly payment option for our members to buy household and personal items without paying the extreme interest rates other companies charge, and importantly we do not want to get you into debt.

Times are hard for us all, there is no doubt about that, we all want whats best for our loved ones and we all love the latest gadgets and must haves.  But for some of us this comes at a cost.  A high weekly payment cost that we may not always be able to afford.  Gone are the days of items lasting years, before we even open the box a newer better version is being created and this will only get worse, smart tvs, smart watches all smarter than me!!

But how on earth do we afford all these things…. the lucky among us can afford it but for most we need to spread the cost.  Which ever way we do it it becomes a debt.  We might add it to the credit card, use high street lenders, use catalogues etc but we still have to keep paying it back long after the novelty has worn off and were left with paying off a high amount each week with interest added on and high APRs.

One item on credit isn’t a real problem, we keep up the payments and even though were paying it off for three years or so its affordable and were happy, but then the washing machine and dishwasher break, school meals are due and you need a new bed for one of the kids, what do you do now? and what happens if you stop paying and they take the items back – this is a real worry and it can happen.

Also there can be high charges added for late payments and missed payments, not to mention additional hidden charges for things such as  insurance.  Worse still if you are taking out a hire purchase agreement you do not own it till the last payment is made.  This is something that we at Homestyle feel the need that other companies should STOP from happening, but its unlikely.  Homestyle will never charge these kinds of fees and most importantly for peace of mind we do not take back items sold to our members, ever. You own it straight away and all we ask is for you to repay the agreed amount to us.

Insurance, I already mentioned this, its a big con and its something else that really bothers me, with other high street lenders you often have to take out insurance that is expensive before you can proceed. But items come with a minimum one year warranty anyway. So what exactly are you paying insurance for??  Think about this for a minute, especially if you purchase more than one item as you will pay insurance on each and every item, this works our very expensive for something that is essentially free.  Homestyle will never make you pay insurance for anything, we will always offer a one years manufacturers warranty and this is FREEEEEEE.   It is also worth noting that most contents insurance you already have on your home will probably cover all these too, so you could be paying for insurance twice for the same item.

Homestyle are here to help stop this from happening, talk to us about this, let us help you own your items from the minute you receive them.  Our prices may sometimes appear to be higher but the service you will receive from us is second to none and you will end up better off for it, this is something we are very passionate about.  We are here for you and we need you to know this, we not just “another company”  were better than that, let us prove that to you.

Ok,  that’s just one reason you should use Homestyle, there are many more good reasons to come in our future blogs – subscribe and keep reading 🙂

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