What Type of Shopper are You?

Were all busy, whether its working, looking after our children or juggling both its difficult sometimes to find the time to replace that broken kettle or order that fab toy you saw us advertise last week for little Johnny and that is where our personal shoppers can help you.

What does a personal shopper do exactly?  A personal shopper is the liaison between you and your purchase. Their job is to provide you with the best item to suit you or your home by identifying trends, gauging whats right, and promoting products that work for you or your home. Our goal is to give you what you want at a price you can afford.

So Why should you use a personal shopper? 

Shopping with Homestyle often depends on your credit limit and the items you have in mind but sometimes getting on our website or getting a mobile shop visit (van visit) isn’t easy and that’s why a personal shopper is a great idea, you can use a personal shopper for lots of reasons… we have over 500 members so far and if you fancy joining up we would love to have you, while you make up your mind and decide if you want to become a member why not take a look at our top 10 types of personal shopper….

1 I need help….

 Incorrect Password – how many times have seen this infuriating message appear?  grrrr this makes us want to get up and throw the laptop/mobile phone across the room.  STOP don’t do it, in our group we know lots of our members by name now as we have regular repeat shoppers, if we cant find you on our system we will ask you for your post code… we all know that right!  So no more trying to remember your account number or password – hoorah, this should make you want to join up straight away!!!

2  We have our own Stalkers

yes you! the members in the group who join but never shop with us or then go on line and order themselves.  Thats ok with us, as long as you get to see the items were selling its all good, maybe one day you will reach out and say hi and give us a try.  Until then sit quiet and watch and hopefully you will see items that take your fancy.

3. Always want what you cant have?

Yes we welcome these members, you cant see what you want on the website or mobile shops so you ask our personal shoppers for it instead, this is the fun part….. we then talk to our suppliers and can usually find the items for you and ta daa perfect match.  One happy member and we add a new item to our website so its a win win.

4 shopaholics

Don’t apologise for asking for items all the time. Its what were here for so keep asking.  We want to provide you with what you need so if you don’t ask you don’t get.  If you make repeat orders we will try to combine postage and save you money too, plus we sometimes offer special deals and giveaways for our regulars so there is a perk to shopping with us.

5 Loyal Mobile Shop Van’ers 

We know you love a home visit of course you do, its great to see the items your buying in the flesh on the mobile shops. Buuuuut do you really want to wait for it to come to you?  What if the item isn’t on the shop when they visit or what if you cant get an appointment?  Well that’s why were here, to bridge that gap.

6 Balance Seekers 

I don’t want to place an order but can you tell me how much do i owe? what can i spend? did my weekly payment clear? can you cancel my payments? can i raise my limit?  yes yes yes i can tell you all of this but the good news is you will soon be able to find out this information for yourself with our “Text Back” service coming soon , this means i will have more time to shop for you :)… yes I love shopping have you guessed that yet!

7 The Accountants

Lots of loyal members now recommend their family and friends to the group, we can then set them up to become Homestyle members and you get a tenner every time one joins and starts paying, you can recommend as many as you want so why not get your friends to pay off your bill haha and of course this leaves you more credit to shop with us again 😉

8 The Swopsies 

Youve ordered something and changed your mind or when you want something only to be told its OUT OF STOCK, sometimes we simply cant get the stock for what you want, either our suppliers let us down, deliveries disappear, end of line stock runs out or whatever the case may be we will always seek to find you an alternative, this is not a problem and a perk of being a personal shopper member.  We wont stop til your happy.  This also applies to items you want to return if you are not happy with them or they are incorrect, finding an alternative is always a priority for us.

9 The Grumbler

ok so unfortunately things from time to time go wrong, items get broken or stop working, we cant get what you want or get it in time, delivery couriers let you down etc etc we do try our absolute best to give you the best personal service we can but were only human and sometimes we get it wrong.  We don’t always see this as a bad thing, firstly we will do our best to help sort your problem but also we learn from our mistakes and make changes for the better so we always try to put as positive spin on any negative thing that may happen.

10 The Satisfied Member 

We do love the easy shoppers (not that we don’t love you all!), they tell you what they want and you simply order it, its in stock and they have enough credit – no questions asked,  so it probably goes with out saying that my favourite of all 10 types of shoppers is “the satisfied member”, the one who thanks us and sends us pictures or messages when they receive it.  We love getting these, not only does it make our job better but it also shows the other members in the group how good our products are, this is a fab way to promote our products and we THANK YOU mwah.

So what sort of shopper are you going to be?? Will you fall into the above types of shopper or will you create your own category,  Lisa Drew and Helen Turner are on hand all week to do your shopping for you.

Join our Facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/homestylepersonalshopper or look us up on our website www.homsetyle247.com

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