What is new for 2021

Its only January but we have lots of new information already for you.

The Birthday Club is back for 2021 for all children 12 and under.

Here is the link to sign your children, step children or grandchildren up.   

You receive a £5 voucher when you sign up and another when its your child’s birthday. Voucher to be used for something for your child.

Here is the link to join our facebook group, we will soon be “hiding the group” so make sure you join 


If you order fragrances, skin creams or makeup on a regular basis then ask us to set up a “Reminder to re order” for you. You can choose how often you would like to be reminded and we will then contact you and ask if you want to re order your favourite items. There is no obligation to buy and nothing will be ordered without your consent first.
You can also use this for birthdays, special occasions for example.

You can now book an appointment with a Personal Shopper.  You will get a slot and we will then contact you, usually via facebook but we can call, email or text if its easier.  

To book your appointment you need to go to our Facebook Page Homestyle247 

This will be a trial at first and if successful we will continue it.  However it has already been used by some eagle eyed members so we hope you find it useful especially if time is short. 


Remember to enter our FREE giveaway this month to win this Blender. 

Here is the link on our website 



Sadly our home shopping vans are currently not able  to go out, so we are recommending using our website and personal shoppers

BUT as soon as we can we will be back and will have a new appointment system in place to help book your visits.

We do miss seeing you all face to face and hope to be back real soon.

For now stay safe everyone 

Homestyle home shopping van

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