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At Homestyle we love word of mouth, we love it when ladies (and men!) get together and have a good old chat, its what we do after all, but we love it even more when you chat about us.

We’ve had members in the past join us and when we asked how they heard about us they said that they had seen something in a friends house and when asked where they got it from they had mentioned us, and the icing on the cake for them was that you don’t have to pay for it straight away, this is by far the best way for us to get new members.  Some members have just seen our van driving round and googled us!!  Thank you Google 🙂

Over the years we have had loads of referrals and we decided to thank our members by giving them £10 for every member they recommend that sign up.  Its our way of letting members know we appreciate it.  You can Recommend a Friend here as you can add as many as you like.


But its not always about the money sometimes a referral is made for other reasons such as:

  • A busy mum who has no time to shop for a new toaster as she has 3 babies and no car
  • Someone elderly, disabled or vulnerable that wants to shop with someone they can trust
  • A person who has limited income and likes to spread the cost to make the most of their money each month
  • Working parents who want to spend what spare time they have with their family
  • People who just want shopping to come to them via our van visits and personal shoppers
  • Those that for what ever reasons have had credit refused everywhere else

Whatever the reason for the referral we are happy to receive all new members requests and want to help everyone we can.

Our Homestyle Vans can visit your friends at their home or if that is not convenient and you have a friend that would love to join but HATES the internet, let them know that they can text a personal shopper on 07959 056205 or email us at ps@homestyle4u.co.uk if they prefer :).


We also cover new areas now in Luton and Essex as well as extending into Bognor and Littlehampton

So, if you have a friend that wants to join then recommend them to us via this link today and we will be in touch with them asap.

Thanks for reading but now its time for you to go find someone to recommend, they will thank you for it we promise and we will thank you by sticking a tenner in your homestyle account for you WIN WIN

Lisa x

Need more info or need to know something else then email me at lisadrew@homestyle4u.co.uk

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