We only went and won an award!

So this happened…


Behind the scenes we try our hardest to always put our members first, we listen to them and we act upon what they say.  We like to think we go above and beyond and last month we decided to enter Homestyle into an award scheme.  We looked through the options and opted with the Best Customer Focus Award as we wanted to be recognised for all the extra work we do.

Now to be honest I was confident we were doing a good job but I wasn’t confident we would win after all it was the first attempt at any thing like this and I knew it wasn’t an easy process, in fact i’d forgotten all about it when one afternoon whilst waiting to pick up the kids I received an email…. Congratulations you have Won was the title so I opened the email and to my delight and total surprise we had won.

After i’d picked up my jaw from the floor I was elated. I rang the office and told them the good news and then I told the kids, they weren’t fussed but the office all went crazy!!

So we can now officially announce that we are the WINNERS of the Best Business Award for Customer Focus and we are well chuffed.  As you can see we have a lovely glass award (which I was scared i’d drop) and a framed certificate for the wall, in which we hope to add more awards to in the future.


The Best Business Awards judges said:

Commenting on Homestyle Nationwide, the winner in the Best Customer Focus category, the chairman of the judges said: “Home shopping company Homestyle Nationwide has gone out of its way to provide a personalised top-quality service to those who are less mobile or vulnerable or are on a tight budget. The drivers of its mobile shopping vans are trained to be friendly and helpful without being pushy about sales. It also sells via its website and, if required, customers can order visits from the shopping vans. It even has trained personal shoppers available via its website, Facebook and an app to help customer find the right product for them. Congratulations to Homestyle Nationwide for providing people who need extra help with a friendly, relaxed and caring retail service.”

Of course we are always striving to deliver the best care to our members and we wont stop now we have this award.  In fact we are already planning on making this better and I can now also announce our second good piece of exclusive news… although we are in the early planning stages we are changing our Product Testers (where you review our products) and we are extending it to include a members forum where you can talk amongst your selves about us and our products and services and then report back to us about how we can improve.

We have to finalise it all over the next few weeks but this we hope will be a good platform to discuss new products coming in or decide on what giveaways we do etc, whatever we do it will be member based and we will listen and act upon what you want. If you want to be involved find us on Facebook and join the Product Testers Group 

So whilst I go off to celebrate I thank you for being part of Homestyle because without you all we would have not won this award.

For more details and to read more about this award click here



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