We are growing…

As we approach our 25 year Anniversary we do so with great excitement for the year to come because this year has been our best so far and we know it will only get better.

In fact we have grown so much in the last couple of months alone we have had to reevaluate all areas of our business to fit in with the demand.

You would have no doubt noticed that our deliveries have started to take a bit longer than usual, this is because our warehouse have started to find it overwhelming dealing with the huge number of orders coming in in on a daily basis.  So we have employed  another member of staff to help out and now we are getting back on track and orders are now being dealt with so much faster, teething problems with this are being sorted as we learn how to deal with the growth.

Our website views have tripled, this is so exciting for us as we know we have a service lots of people need and the feedback we are getting is so positive.  Facebook has given our members a new way of recommending and reviewing us and we have had some lovely comments, thank you, thank you , thank you.

Another result of the growing number of new members is that our Personal shoppers are having an average of 100 new members join them every week.  This massive growth in such as short space of time has had a huge impact on our personal shoppers who are literally run off their feet.  It has meant we are now able to introduce another personal shopper to the team.  They will join them “in at the deep end” but we are sure they will love it and get to know all our members very well.

Not forgetting our Homestyle Vans, we have a new van ready and waiting to start serving all our brand new, and existing loyal members in the New Year, plus we anticipate we will probably get two more throughout 2019 – who knows maybe even more!

So, I guess what we are trying to say is that with this huge growth spurt we know we have had some growing pains, we are fully aware of this and have taken action as quickly as we could.

All these positive changes are all because of our members, without you recommending us and shopping with us year after year none if this would be happening.  We think 2019 is going to be our best year yet, thanks for sticking with us and we hope we can keep making you happy for a long time to come yet.

Want to recommend someone?  Message us via facebook and we will guide you on how to do this.  www.facebook.com/homestyle247



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