The New Way Forward

We are a bit late (sorry!) but we would like to wish all our member a happy new year and to thank you for sticking with us for another year!

Let us explain what is happening with Homestyle right now in 2020

Have you noticed that the products have gone from our website ?

Well, we have decided to remove them temporarily while we work on a new format for our website.  

Were calling it our new way forward and we hope you like it .  

 We have listened to our members and also to people that have messaged us about our website and we have decided to make some changes.  

As a small company we have tried to please all our members, this results in us providing a large range of products but only small number of each product is available,  this means we often sell out really quick.

This unfortunately also means we have let members down in the past and this makes us unhappy.  We always put our members first and we do not want to let them down.  This has led us to the decision to provide a simpler range of items on our website that will always be available.  This does also however mean that the ranges on the website will be slimmed down accordingly to enable us to buy in more items and store them in our brand new warehouse. 

The goal is to become more competitive with our prices as we are able to buy in larger volumes from our suppliers and the savings will be passed on direct to our members.    

It means we will begin to specialise in certain items such as fragrances, a new cosmetics range, toys all year round and we will grow bigger and better ranges as we go.  So you can still get your toasters from us don’t worry, but our specialised new ranges will be so good you will want them too!

We have already been showcasing on facebook some of our new ranges such as Real Leather Handbags, Special Occasion Jewellery and you will be seeing more over the next few weeks.


The new website format will be rolled out in March 2020 so not long now.  We hope you can reply on us to get this right and to keep providing our members with a top notch service!

If you need to order in the meantime our Personal Shoppers are at hand and ready to help place your orders for you.  


What do our Personal Shoppers Do?

Good question,  our personal shoppers now have over 3,600 members in our Facebook Group  – here is the link to join them 

Helen and Ann are our personal shoppers and they work tirelessly to order the perfect items for our members.   

Benefits of joining them are:

  • Weekly special offers (which you can’t get from our website or mobile shopping vans)  
  • They have different ranges of items (which you can’t get from our website or mobile shopping vans) 
  • They premier all our products before you see them on our website and mobile shopping vans 
  • They can order in specific items for you 
  • They can liaise with accounts and our warehouse for you to make sure you don’t miss out on any items 
  • Not on Facebook , you can use Twitter, Insta, Text, Messenger , WhatsApp, Email or the old fashioned way… you can call them or they can call you!.  You can even chat to them using our Online Chat via our website.  

They really go above and beyond to provide a brilliant service for you.

Here are their direct contact details Helen Turner , Ann Everitt and you can still contact Lisa Drew who oversees the group even though she in no longer placing orders.   

Come on everyone’s an influencer these days but did you know we have lots of videos ourselves showing off what we are selling, you should SUBSCRIBE and be the first to see our new items – here is the direct link

Come and subscribe and when you see what you want contact our personal shoppers to order it for you 🙂    

Were also on Twitter and Instagram too so you don’t have to miss anything we post 

Mobile Home Shopping Van

And don’t forget if you want to see our products in the flesh our mobile shopping van is still doing the rounds.  

We text members when we are in your area and you are eligible for a visit.  However if its a special occasion then please contact our personal shoppers.   

We are sorry we do not cover all areas. 

Thank you for reading and we hope you like the changes we make this year starting from March when we re launch our website – we will keep you posted of the official date 

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