If you regularly like to order the same fragrance or cosmetics then you would like to take advantage of our re ordering service. 

If you have already ordered with us and want us to either order immediately or schedule a time in the coming months to re order this item for you then please complete the form below.  Our personal shoppers will then look into your request and keep you updated on the progress of your order.  

If you sign up to our re ordering service we will give you 10% discount on your re ordered items. 

If you would like to start using this service for a new item (not previously ordered) then please complete the form below.  When we next order the item for you we will offer you a 10% discount to order it again.  

To take advantage of this 10% discount offer you must complete the form below  We will then make a note on your account so you never miss your favourite fragrance again.  

Please note from time to time your fragrance may not be available.  We will contact you should this ever happen. Subject to your available credit and payment history.