Product Tester T&C

<strong>Members Only</strong>

Members will only be selected if have a current account with Homestyle and are up to date with their payments.

Reviews WILL be used on all social media platforms if necessary and on our website.

As the product testers group grows our terms and conditions will be amended accordingly

A correct &amp; valid mobile number will be required to enable us to contact you if you have been selected to become a product tester

A number of product testers will be selected monthly dependent on the new ranges we are supplying. The selection shall be at our discretion on either a random selection basis or on an individual’s criteria determined by: (age, occupation, geographical location etc.) This is dictated by the requirements or information required in regards to a product or service we are selling.

If selected you will be notified via text or email – <strong>Those selected must confirm their acceptance including confirmation of their address and personal details within seven days of notification</strong>. Unclaimed product testing opportunities will be reallocated to another member if not claimed within <strong>seven days</strong>.

Members will need to test and review the items <strong>within 3-5 days</strong> of receiving the product and supply Homestyle with their review . The requirements of each product testing campaign will be communicated with the product testers that are selected. Review requirements can vary, <strong>our standard requirement is a written review, photos of the reviewer with the product and a video review.</strong>

We reserve the right to refuse a tester

Members will keep the products afterwards

Members will be invited to join our exclusive group on Facebook.

If you do not comply with these Terms you may be disqualified from all product testing opportunities without further notice.