New Year New Look

They say a change is as good as a rest, well we have no time to rest so a change will have to do!

This year we want a fresh new look and were starting with the Personal Shopper Group that Helen and I are running.  We are re-branding ourselves in a pretty purple colour (sorry boys!) so you can always spot us, we have lots of plans and surprises this year already in the bag and who knows what we will come up with as the months go on, its onward and upwards for Helen and I.

So here’s a peek at our new Facebook profile style so you know what to look for 🙂


With our new look we also have some new rules, as the group has grown and so have the enquiries meaning we had to make a decision on the best way to maintain the group and keep all  our members happy.

With this in mind we have made the decision to only let Homestyle members be a part of this group. Anyone that is not a member will be removed within the next few weeks.

If you would like to become a Homestyle member either log onto our website and register or ask myself of Helen Turner to sign you up. We intend to keep the “personal touch” in our personal shopper group and want to spend our time helping members rather than answering questions from non members that can be answered via our website or Homestyle page.

This is all part of our re branded personal shopper and our new way of working which is all to help members of the group get a better service from us. No one will, be blocked so if you are removed in error we can easily add you back or if you leave and decide to join at a later date you will be more than welcome.

Also you can still add friends to the group but if they do not decide to join up then they will be removed in due course as they will have no reason to be part of the group

As well as keeping the personal touch we also want to give you a good reason to stay in the group and keep ordering from us, as well as the usual giveaways we will now hold our 2 offer days on a Monday and Friday and we promise that the prices will be slashed even more to make it an even better deal for you, you may have already noticed our prices going down, this is only for personal shoppers, not members who have van visits and not members using the website… its for you exclusively.

From February we will also be offering ranges exclusive to the group, at a discounted price and you will not find them on the website, they will only go onto the website later in the year.  You will get them first 😉

Also you may have noticed lots of items have been taken off our website as we are streamlining it.  The personal shopper group will still get all these items plus ones not on website as well as still ordering items in at your request.  So you will get everything on the website plus more.  Yet another plus for the personal shopper group 🙂


So by doing all this we aim to make the Personal Shopper Group the place to be!!  we will work hard to make sure you get a great shopping experience as well as a good old fashioned bargain as often as we can.  You will never want to see the Homestyle van again but don’t tell your driver what were doing cos its our little secret shhhhhh.

If you’ve not joined us yet and still need convincing then pop along today and read some of our posts to see what were all about then decide for yourself if you want to see the van, order via the website or take advantage of our little group and get someone else to do your shopping for you.

Lisa x

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