My Day in the Homestyle Van

So today I had the privileged of being allowed on one of our vans to see it “in action”.

This is something I have been meaning to do for a while and one of our lovely Drivers Derek said I could observe and take some pictures of what he does every day.

So armed with my trusty camera, sunglasses and a destination off I went.

We started off with a few pics of his van and all the stock he has displayed, it was rammed with goodies I had to move loads off to get the photos!!

Next we went off to our first member of the day.  We let her know I was coming and she agreed for me to follow her around taking pics, she was a gem and let me take as many photos as I wanted, I promised I wouldn’t take any close ups or publish any awful looking ones so a big thank you goes out to the lovely Tina.

I must admit even in this baking heat it was a fun morning for me, its nice that our members are so friendly, that they have the time to browse our items and Derek lets them look at all the products,  he even read the info on the boxes and showed them things buried in the back or hidden behind other items.  He gave suggestions but never once made a member feel uncomfortable or forced into buying anything, it was a real pleasure to watch him at work mingling with the members.

Coming away armed with all the ammo I needed for this blog and our website I have a good feeling and I cant wait to report back to the office on how well I though Derek did today.  We forget how it is driving in a hot van all day, from house to house, no air con and no toilets and he still remained in a friendly mood.  Hats off to him!!


Back in the comfort of my own air conned desk I reflect on the mornings work with a smile on my face.

For a Homestyle van visit from the lovely Derek or one of our other just as fabulous drivers click here 

If you are unable to get the van round then order on our website or ask a personal shopper 😉

For members out of the area, were sorry our vans cant get to you yet but were working on it

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