Mobile Shops….do you sell mobiles?

Homestyle Mobile Shop, what is it, do you sell mobiles….

Forget about white van man, forget about shops selling mobiles, all you need to know is our Homestyle Mobile Shops are specifically designed as a mini shop selling all our carefully selected products for you, your family and your home.

Ok so yes we do have a white van and yes we have a man (or men) driving it but once you open that door you enter a whole new world of Home Shopping

You do need to see it to believe it but here we have a new shopping experience and we want the world to know about it.

 mbsp outside 2  mbsp inside 3 mbsp inside 4

So how can we convert you to join our friendly Homestyle family…?

  1. We come to your home
  2. No receipts needed if items are faulty or go wrong
  3. we have a no quibble guarantee if you change your mind
  4. We carry a large selection of brand name items
  5. We have a computer on board to access your pay weekly account details
  6. you can take the items with you straight away
  7. you can see and feel the items you buy
  8. you can bring a friend and sign them up too
  9. you can order other items not carried on the shop
  10. we give you peace of mind, an ear to talk to and a great shopping experience

We have lots more to offer and the best way to prove how great our shops are is to send one round to visit you, seeing is believing after all

You can also request a Mobile Shop visit via our website

Remember were more than a man with a van we are Homestyle

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