Love free stuff? they you will love Product Testers

Coming this April Homestyle will be asking our very own members to become Product Testers for us.

While at Homestyle were busy finalising all the details, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s we wanted to give you some more details to keep you interested.

We will be inviting all our members to register via our new website if they want to be in with a chance of becoming a product tester, members will be able to select what sort of products they would like to test.

We will be sending members items to test out themselves and in return do a review whether its good, bad or indifferent. The reviews will be written and also photographs and a video review will be required.

The products you review will be yours to keep, apologies if you hated it, maybe give it to a friend!!!!

The aim of this new group is to provide all our members with a non-biased video review on the products we are selling and we also hope that it encourages more new members to join Homestyle. Maybe it will even kick start your acting career… well you can dream!

As I said before we will be announcing the launch date in April as soon as we have finished crossing and dotting!.

Anyway as usual you can email me at if you want to be an early bird and register your interest, when we go official I will contact you to complete your online application. There will be no obligation to buy, but this is only open to active members.

We have also started a group on Facebook, you will only be in this group if you are a product tester. So if you are on facebook let me know to send you an invite once you are selected.

Lastly in one of our future blogs will be asking our oldest members to create a video or a photographic testimonial about their experiences with Homestyle over the years, if you think you would like to get involved message or ask your van driver. We will be in touch. We hope to hear some funny stories of our early days and some positive comments about how we have evolved from the “old days”.

More from me next week, have a lovely day 🙂

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