Its all change at Homestyle

Well its the second week in March as I write this and I can see the website re-launch has been a big success.  As you probably are aware we took the decision to close our website for a few weeks while we stepped back and had a rethink about what we was doing and the direction we wanted to go in for our new way forward.  

We listened to our members, we looked at what products sold fast, sold or were always “sold out” and we decided to do something about it.  

Maybe a bit drastic to switch off a website we know but we needed to concentrate on restocking items for the relaunch as we wanted to get it right.  

We looked at what our members have been asking for such as make up, skin care, rugs etc and concentrated on getting those new suppliers on board so we can bring you new products.

Minimum Spend is now active on our website.  We have taken the decision to add a minimum spend amount on our orders from 2nd March.  This means you will need to add items that total to over £30 to your basket to be able to place your orders from now on.  This is across our website, personal shoppers and home shopping vans.  

We have emailed our members and changed our T&Cs to notify members of this change. 

If you want to increase payments to get a higher credit limit then please speak with our accounts team on 07525 700 840 – limits are not instantly raised some T&Cs apply and they will talk you through them.   You can also click this link 

We are updating our product videos that are available on You Tube, so if you want to see any of our new items check out our you tube channel as we are trying to create videos on all our new items to let you get a better look at them before you buy them.  

If you want us to make a video on any of our other items then please let us know and we will do this for you if we can 🙂

More ranges are coming this month so keep checking our website, social media groups and our YouTube channel to see whats coming and when.

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