Increase your Payments

Increase your Payments with your Personal Shoppers

We have some good news – Your Personal Shoppers Helen  and Lisa have been getting some training on how to raise your payments / credit limits this week .  

They both hope to be able to do this for you without forwarding you to our accounts team

From 5th May they will be providing this new service for all our members.  

Remember, they may be a bit slow to begin with while they learn the ropes but we hope that this will speed things up for you once they are used to doing this for you so you never miss out on any items again!

They will need to be in contact with you while  they do this as you may need to approve the payment via your bank app or give them a one time password, so please remember this when you contact them.

They will also be able to set up payments for new members and members that wish to come back and place another order with us.

If you are interested in raising your payments for a higher credit limit you can complete this form and they will get back to you

You can also contact them via facebook – here is their direct link

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