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At Homestyle we try to give back to our members in as many ways as possible, its not all about providing you with an excellent service its also about providing you with extra benefits you wont get anywhere else.

What else do we have to offer then????

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We have had a revamp with our birthday club this year which means our members can now add children up to 16, yeah i know anyone with a child over 7 will know their children already think they are 18!!  but we all know they are still only children and deserve a treat every now and then.

The new club will mean every child has a turn to win something every month, whilst at the moment were still slow starting with this club let me tell you i am aware of the plans that are in place for 2017 and they are excellent, it will be a whole different club and will be well worth joining, just have some IT obstacles to get over first but trust me its something to be a part of.  But back to now, were planning another giveaway so make sure your kiddies are all signed up or they will miss out.  Also any grandparents out there make sure you sign your grandchildren up too, any member that has a family member under 16 can sign them up.

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Well this is something everyone should be doing.  For every friend you recommend that signs up and becomes a member you will get £10 credited back to your account.

There is no limit on this….yay!!

Ever had a friend ask where did you get that bed set or pink kettle?  well tell them and get them to sign up, you will then get paid for it.  So if you owe £100 say and you have 10 friends who can sign up then that;’ your account paid up.  Brilliant, now i hear you all thinking about how many people you can recommend, do it don’t wait.  Then go and make lots of new friends and sign them up too,  this amount wont always be available and some times they remove it altogether so don’t miss your chance.

Sharing our social media and facebook page is also a good way of getting friends interested too, once they see inside one of our mobile shops i can guarantee you they will sign up.  Afterall it worked with you didn’t it?

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Yep next is our personal shopper group, we recommend everyone becomes a member of this fab group on facebook.  Its in its second year now and its busier than ever.

Want to be convinced to join….

There are loads of benefits to joining from finding delivery dates to upping your payments and increasing your limit but the main benefit is that its a convenience for you.  You want something, anything and all you need to do is ask for it.  if they can get it they will and even better they will order it for you and tell you when its done.  All the while they are dealing with your requests you can do whatever you want!

Not on facebook or social media you can call, text or email us too.  Were not exclusive to facebook anyone can request a personal shopper.  Ask for Lisa or Kelly who will help you.

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Not used very much, this year we are supporting  CASPA and sponsoring Orpington Rovers under 9’s Lions.

We support them by sending donations for raffles etc and spreading the word for them when they host events etc.

We do have room for one more if you know of anyone who needs help with a registered charity, doesnt get much help or funding then let us know, if we can help we will.

Unfortunately we are unable to send donations to all clubs and associations like we used too

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Text Back is a new service introduced several weeks ago, basically it allows you to text the word BALANCE to our new number 07860 041 435 (only used for this service)

We will text you back your balance and remaining credit available to spend.  So easy to use and its free as part of your package or its a minimum charge.  And you can do it out of office hours its always open.

if it doesn’t work when you try it then make sure we have your correct mobile number on our system 😉

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Our latest edition to add to our free benefits for our members, our app available on iTunes and GooglePlay.  Its an information tool for you to use and it will be used to make push notifications so keep us enabled on your phone to make sure you keep up to date.

So far hundreds of you have downloaded it so we know were onto a winner with this one.

Phew that was a lots to re cap.  Thanks for bearing with me and keeping reading and being part of our gang, we hope we have convinced you to use some or all of our services and benefits and if we havn’t then get in touch and tell us why, this is how we improve and more forward and more importantly how we keep our members for years to come.  To contact us click here

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