I wish I wish I wish ….

We all wish for things don’t we?  things we want to have for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas etc or a treat for ourselves like a new bag and purse or something we need for the house like a new microwave or the dishwasher that’s on its way out and we wish we had a new one.  So some time ago we spent a few days round a table discussing what to add to the website to benefit our members, we came up with a “Wish List” which would enable members to look through the website and add items they would like to buy in the future, well i’m sure you know how wish lists work as everyone seems to have them now.  I’m not saying they are copying us but…… any way back to the point.  We built in a new wish list and it went crazy almost over night.

It was interesting to see the new “wishes” added and the idea we had come to life.  But now what?  what happens with a wish list next?

Nothing it seems, that’s kind of all it does.  So how can we make it better, how can we make it work for our members.  Changes had to be made. We decided that we need to let our members know when they can buy the items off the wish list.  Therefore emails are sent when the items you wish for become available, yep an email every day til you give in and either buy it or delete it from your wish list.  It may be annoying for some people but lots of us need constant reminders as we forget, easily!  This is great but many of us don’t open emails every day or they just go to our spam and junk mail.  This is where our personal shoppers take over.

If you’ve ever added an item to your wish list you probably already know this but keep reading i’m sure i can still tell you something you don’t yet know….

So what happens now is that our personal shoppers will usually give you a call or a text and let you know your items are available, they will offer alternatives if you have changed your mind and they also order it for to save you the bother and they will update your wish list for you, so its kinda a “personal wish list shopper” if you like.

What you may not know though is that they will also contact you with regards to items you’ve added that you wont be able to buy until 2017, actually we have one that’s 2019!  no they are not mad they just want to try and get the item quicker for you and they have ways of making this happen!!

First they can offer you options such as:

  • raising payments and getting a higher credit limit
  • Pre ordering it for you for a certain date (handy for xmas)
  • Helping you make a one off payment towards items on your wish list via our pay online facility.
  • plus other ideas depending on whats being wished for

Then they can place the order for you all ready for when you want it, its really easy and there is never any pressure off them to buy.  Its more of a reminder service,maybe instead of personal shoppers you can think of them as your personal assistant but don’t tell them I told you that!!

If you think you want to give the wish list a go its quite easy, go to the  website and instead of adding the items to your basket you just add them to your wish list.  You can order any items off your wish list yourself whenever you want and if you forget we will contact you and do it for you and if you no longer want it then well remove it for you to save you the bother.

If you wish to make additional payments you can also do this within the website, just click on “pay online now” and pay off whatever amount you wish.  Your account automatically updated.  This is really useful to know and not a lot of members use this service instead they wait weeks til the available credit comes available again, you dont have to do this anymore.

So il end this little chat today by giving you all the info you need to know

To add items to your wish list and to make an online payment log in here for wish list and online paying

To join personal shopper group on facebook click here PS GROUP

Thanks for reading 😉

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