I really want it, can I afford it…???

So whether you really want something, really need something or just fancy a change having enough credit can often be a problem.

We have all been there, we’ve seen something we want and need to have it, problem is can we afford it?  Most of us are living on a budget and can’t afford treats or to replace items that are failing because we have to put food on the table or pay off other bills, school trips etc etc so we sometimes rely on hand outs or credit.  Almost every one I know shops about for a bargain these days, buys secondhand goods off ebay etc.  Its the way we shop nowadays.  But sometimes we just really want that sparkling new pink CD player and karaoke machine for little Jennies birthday and yep were gonna have it.


We’ve all heard of Brighthouse, personally I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole as their pay back fees are HUGE but every one knows who they are, they are a well known brand and people use them.  Problem is you can’t get that pink CD player from them and they don’t sell portable karaoke machines.  In fact they only sell expensive high ticket items.  So who do you go to for the smaller items… catalogue?  only if you have a good credit score as they will credit search you first.  That’s where Homestyle come in.  Taa Daa.  Yes we sometimes do the large items but we don’t try to compete with Brighthouse and the like as we don’t agree with the charges they apply.  But we do sell the every day items that you often need but don’t have the spare cash to buy, yep we sell pink CD players and karaoke machines!!!!

Talking of charges did you know a typical Brighthouse Representative APR is 69.9% Fixed and Homestyle APR is 0% Always!

Credit limits with Homestyle are based on your weekly payments, our personal shoppers also offer a pre ordering service where you can order items in advance of a special occasion and they will be sent to you when you have paid for them.  You can also check whether you have enough funds for an item by using our text back service.

Text Back is simple to use, just text BALANCE to 07860 041 435  with the mobile phone number you have registered with us and we will send a text back with your balance, credit limit and available spend.

Also if you are able to pay more weekly payments then we will give you a higher credit limit.  We base our limits on what you can comfortably afford to pay back.  Just ask us and we will get someone in our accounts team to call you back and discuss what is best for you.

So we have a few options for members to get what they want even if it isn’t a pink CD player or karaoke machine  (yes i really do love those products)!

download (3)
Future  X Factor contestants!!!

Talking of karaoke machines, my kids totally love the one we’re selling and totally took over my video review, you can see the funny clips on our personal shopper group or Instagram now its hilarious! oh and yes i’m doing video reviews on our products now…total cringe at my voice ?

For more info on how Homestyle can help you visit our website now or message us on facebook, were here to help :).  We can offer you guidance on debt management too should you ever need it or if you are having difficulties keeping up with payments, remember if you do get into trouble paying then speak to someone, there are lots of people who can help, the problem is rarely as bad as it seems.  If you need help then check out the useful numbers on our website or contact us direct.

More from me soon, enjoy the rest of your week 😉 and don’t forget to buy that pink CD player….

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