How does all this GDPR stuff affect you?

You would have by now started receiving emails and notifications from companies asking for you to opt in or re-consent or tick a box to continue receiving marketing information from them.  If you haven’t had any yet then you soon will.  As of 25 May the law is changing.

In the UK, GDPR will replace the Data Protection Act 1998, which was brought into law as a way to implement the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive. GDPR seeks to give people more control over how organisations use their data, and they have introduced hefty penalties for organisations that fail to comply with the rules!

What does this mean for you?  it means your inbox will be full for a while as all of the organisations you have previously dealt with contact you again to ask for permission to keep emailing you.  It gives you the power to decide who you continue hearing from after 25 May.  This means all those companies that persist in contacting you day after day will now have to stop.  Eventually your inbox will only contain useful, meaningful content.  Hoorah!!

What does it mean for Homestyle members…..

If you have not yet responded to our first email asking for you to update your permissions we will message you a couple more times but if you do not respond after 25 May we will no longer contact you.  After 25 May you will be able to go into “My Account” on our website and change your preferences to start receiving emails and text from us again if you change your mind.

Just a re-cap on what we send out:  weekly emails – these will contain our latest products, newest ranges, information on our new monthly prize draws and our special offers and once a quarter our newsletter.  Our personal shoppers also text our facebook group members with what their special offers are each week.  We also send out texts when the van is in your area.  If you no longer consent to receive these messages you will not be informed of any of those things any more.

We hope you continue to receive information from us and we promise not to spam your inbox or pester you every day!! And thank you to those members who have already re subscribed to our marketing, we really appreciate it.

So all there is left to do is leave the link here for you to manage your preferences, it will only take one minute and we will update your records for you.  If you have already done this via email in the past few days then there is no need to re do it.  You can also log into your account on the website and change this whenever you feel necessary.

Here is the preference form direct link Manage my Preferences

Thanks for staying 😉

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