Honorary Members

So you may have noticed that throughout 2020 we have been announcing every month two “Honorary Members”.  

Have you wondered what this actually means?  

Well, as part of our 25 years celebrations last year we decided that we would give free membership for life to some of our long standing, ever faithful members.  

So with that in mind every month we choose two members who we feel meet our criteria and therefore should receive their membership for free.  

Whats the criteria i hear you wonder?

Well its simply this, a long standing member with a good proven payment history with us, members who have always ordered with us over the years.  Members who recommend their friends (even if they didn’t join us).  Members who mention us on social media and give us regular good feedback on our posts.    In other words members who love us and we want to give them something back.

Here are our Honorary Members for this year so far, hopefully you will see your name on this list in the coming months ….

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