Homestyle’s Community Hub is growing

Last year Homestyle talked about starting their very own Hub,  a place where members can come and discuss freely anything they want to discuss (read our first blog about it here).

So, we set up a Facebook group and we want this group/hub to be a place where Homestyle members can come and talk about all things Homestyle related.  The aim of this hub is to encourage positive discussions about things even if you have a complaint, a problem, something you think works well/doesn’t work well,  things you think we do well, praise, reviews good, bad or indifferent.

The sort of things we are currently discussing:

  • Prize Draws  – What sort of things do you want us to give away?
  • What items we sell – currently we are discussing what items you want for Christmas !!!
  • Our deliveries – we have already made changes to our deliveries after feedback we got from our members
  • Our personal shoppers – we’ve had great feedback and we passed this info on to our personal shoppers directly
  • Our Van drivers – we now have a dedicated person who books visits for our vans which is working really well

We value all your opinions, after all what works for one person doesn’t always work for another.

We are not mind readers, feedback is important to us.  If something we do isn’t working for you then tell us, we promise we will look into it and if necessary we will change.

But it’s not all bad we also encourage you to speak out about the good things we do too, so we can tell new members what our existing members think.  Word of mouth is the best compliment we can get.  We want you talking about us, our pride in what we do stems from providing the best service we can for our members.  After all If you’re not happy then we won’t be.

Once the group has enough members we have the ultimate aim of having one member represent each area we cover eg London, Hampshire, East Sussex and so on. This member will be come the “face” of their area and can discuss with other members in their area their thoughts and ideas and then report back to us at Homestyle.  Its your group and we want you to run it.

Interested in joining and having your say?  here is the Facebook group link Homestyle Hub 

Find more info on our website here 




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