Homestyle, whats the catch?

If you’re thinking of joining or are a brand new member to Homestyle, what can you expect from us? are we for real?

We get asked many questions about what we do on a daily basis, we understand why as to be totally honest we would be asking the same questions ourselves if we had never heard of Homestyle before.

But its true, we say what we do!

Here’s what I have to say to answer those questions and how I help to overcome a new members fears or worries.

I bet you charge extortionate interest…

This one is simple, we charge NO INTEREST, 0% APR.  That’s it, we are not having you on.  One of our biggest bug bears are companies that charge ridiculously high interest, they are only out to make money and care nothing about getting you into debt. Homestyle are against this and we do not and never will operate this way.

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Why do you ask for ID I bet you do credit checks…

No, we never credit check.  We ask for ID as proof for us that you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you live,  we also need to know that you have a bank account so that you can pay us.  Put it this way we are not going to send out goods to a fake person at a fake address who has no way of paying as that would send us bankrupt in weeks !!

That’s too good to be true, I don’t trust it …

We are Trading Standards approved.  We have even won an award for Buy With Confidence.   You can also look up us on Facebook and see for yourself.  We have nothing to hide, our T&C state everything including any fees we may charge and they are clearly written in red so its easy to see.  We know that transparency is key and the trust will follow.

We are also winners of 2017 Best Customer Focus award

Sounds good but you wont send the goods til i’ve paid for them…

Where did you hear that?  that’s not true.  New members simply need to set up their Direct Debit from as little as £5 a week, we then send out your full order.  You don’t need to pay in full.  You then pay every week (or whenever you have agreed) and you can re order and re order when ever you have the credit available and your order will be dispatched straight away.

Im not giving you my bank details I don’t know you…

We understand your worries but think back to when you first ordered from Argos or Amazon or Tesco, you would have given them your bank details with no doubts at all. We are no different only we are not a huge brand name like they are.  Your details are totally safe and secure with us, we can reassure you of that.  We have a SSL certificate on our website to keep all your data safe.

You don’t cover my area…

We have recently started to cover the whole of England for website deliveries.  This means you are able to register with us.  You won’t see our Homestyle Vans in your area but you will have full access to the website and personal shoppers.   See where we cover here

There is nothing on your website…

Well can’t really argue with that as we only tend to have our best sellers on the website but we are working hard to get lots more items on for our re launch in June.  For the time being and for all other items, special offers, discounts etc we have personal shoppers, they can find items for you and order them too so you don’t have too.  Check them out on Facebook, we promise you won’t regret it.  Just saying you wont get that kind of service at other high street companies…

But I bet your products are seconds or faulty …

Sometimes products break or are faulty, this does not mean we are selling seconds or faulty items.  We use very good suppliers who sell the best quality items. From time to time we may get a dodgy batch or something breaks during delivery, this is out of our control but our no quibble policy means you can return anything within a year if you are unlucky enough to receive something that’s not up to scratch,  we will replace it no receipt needed and no questions asked.  Yes we really do do this, who else does that for you!  Also we let you return items if you simply change your mind and no longer want it…. yes you heard that right.

Ive heard deliveries are slow or never arrive…

We are now using a courier to deliver most of our items, they will email you tracking so you can see exactly when your items are being delivered, usually within 3-5 days.  If an item does go missing we send a replacement and take the matter up with the courier.

Large and local items are delivered by Homestyle ourselves to ensure items arrive and are not damaged.  Deliveries tend to be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays depending on when we are next in your area, but we will inform you of this if this is the case and you have the chance to cancel your order if you are unhappy.

We have a dedicated phone and email address for deliveries, orders and returns.

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I want to sign up, what happens now?


Step one – you need to register online and place your very first order with us
Step two – we will text you to accept our T&Cs and email you instructions on how to set up your Direct Debit payments
Step three – once you’re all set up we deliver your items direct to your door

Easy as 1-2-3

I can go on but those were the main points I wanted to clarify and hope to erase any worries you may have had about us.  If you still have unanswered questions then get in touch we are all happy to help. If you want you can check us out on Facebook.


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