Holiday Season Update

Just a short update for the holidays as i’m sure everyone is either on holiday, entertaining the kids or desperately trying to hide from the kids! So no time to read but I wanted to quickly update you on a few things…



Personal Shoppers

Lisa and Helen are taking a well earned rest from 15 to 30th August.  Their Facebook group will be closed during this time, although they will keep a watchful eye on it in case something urgent comes in.

During their absence here are a few important numbers you may need:

  • If you have any account query whatsoever you could call 07525 700 840.
  • If you have a query regarding deliveries/orders call 01323 833 145.
  • To place an order visit our website or for any other info


Lisa will be back on the 31st August and Helen on 1 September, ready to launch this years Pre Orders in time for placing all your Christmas (yes I dared say it) orders.  Pre orders let you borrow up to 5 weeks worth of your regular payment amount so you can order items that are above your credit limit, items will then be sent out as soon as the 5 payments or less are made.  So you pay £10 a week you can borrow up to £50 over your limit 🙂


New Stock

We have loads of new items newly added to the website and new  toys and Christmas (yes I said that word again) stock will start to arrive from 1 September on wards.

The vans will also start to stock all these new items so have a good rummage around next time you have your home visit 🙂



New Members

We have now opened up Homestyle to all members across the UK and N Ireland.  This is a big move for us as we have always been in South East London and East Sussex, Hampshire areas.  As we are unable to get the Homestyle vans all over the country we have said that all areas (outside of our usual areas) will have access to the website and our personal shoppers only.  So far so good, we have members from all over now and its going to be fun getting to know them, their needs and their accents!!

So let all your Facebook friends and family who moved away know about us cos were coming for them haha, seriously though in a few months everyone will want a little extra in their Santa Sacks so its a good time to sign them up and you also get a tenner once they are a confirmed member with us win win!  Heres the link to save you looking or recommend them 

pablo (69)


Credit Limits **important**

Now this is some new info that everyone needs to know.  Members who wish to increase their payments for a high credit limit will need to make 4 consecutive payments at the higher amount before the limit is raised, due to our affordable lending policy.  So if you are thinking of getting something and raising your credit limit please bear this in mind. For more info please call 07525 700 840 Tues, Weds and Fridays.

So I wish you well for the remainder of the holidays and il be back in September all refreshed and raring to go.

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