Do I have enough credit?

I need it but do i have enough credit for it?  Its 3am the kettles just broke and i cant make up baby Johnny’s bottle, I need a new kettle but I don’t have the cash, what can i do?

I know I will order it from Homestyle and pay weekly, I wonder if I have enough credit available, I cant ring them now they are all asleep (wish i was!) what can i do?  I cant wait til the morning and I haven’t got time to log into the website at this time early hour plus my personal shopper will do that for me anyway;) .

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Light bulb moment  –  I know I need to use the TEXT BACK service Homestyle recently launched….

Its really simple to use, all I need to do is text the word BALANCE to 07860 041 435

With the mobile phone number I have registered with Homestyle I just simply TEXT he dedicated number and I receive an instant automatic text back with the following information My Balance, Credit Limit and Available Spend.

So all that is left to do now is either order on line or send a quick message to my personal shopper asking for a new kettle and I can trust they would have found me one by the time Johnny wakes up in the morning, hopefully it can be with me by the weekend too.

The important part: This service will be Free as part of your text bundle with your mobile provider or will be at a cheap mobile rate (TBA) if you do not have free texts.  This will also be available 24 hours a day, even when the offices are closed. If you do not receive a text please contact us to make sure we have your correct details.

Future News – exclusive info for you, we have a new Payment Confirmation text also in the process of being made, we will text you each week letting you know your payments been made or whether it failed.  This should help you keep track of your payments.  This will be available later this year.

Short and sweet this week, thanks for reading.  If you want to read more about us click here Top 10 Benefits of using Homestyle

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