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Lets face it, we all like convenience these days whether its fast food, click and collect or Homestyles personal shoppers we all want an easy life with minimal fuss.

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Over the years we have had so many problems with members logging into their Homestyle accounts, seems the system has always been temperamental and has a mind of its own as to whether it would let you log in or not…. frustrating for you and for our staff who have to repeatedly re set passwords on a weekly basis.  So we decided to remove it.  Why settle for something we were not happy with.  So its gone,  for your convenience you will now only need to remember your email, post code and date of birth.

We hope it makes life easier for our members.  However, if you have tried logging in and find it doesnt work then please get in touch as it means we do not have your date of birth registered as some of our longer standing members would have signed up before this feature was added to our website.  We can simply amend our records and you will have no further issues.

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Now you can easily log into view your online account with us you will notice that you can “pay on line”.  This is a add on feature to allow you to make an additional payment.  It can help you in many ways for example:

  • If you are short on credit for a must have item that you know is low in stock or you need it asap you can top up your account to enable you to then be able to purchase the items.
  • If you want an offer from a personal shopper but don’t have enough then you can top up your account and then they can order it for you.   If you don’t have the time to log in your self you can even ask them to make payment on your behalf.
  • Forgot or missed a payment then you can log in and make up any missed payments*
  • Want to pay off your account quicker you can log in and make additional payments alongside your regular payments.

*The Small Print –  when making on line payments please remember do not stop your regular payments – this is in addition to them not in replace of.   If you are only paying on line you may not be able to order as you must have a payment plan set up with us as part of our affordability rules.

Also for your convenience are our Three Ways to Shop – unique to Homestyle not only can you shop on line but we have vans that come to your door and personal shoppers to find items to suit you and order them for you.


Text Back was also built in for your ease of use, if you have no idea what you owe, no idea what you pay each week and no idea how much you have available to spend and you are unable to log into your account then our simple Text back feature is for you. Its really easy just text the word BALANCE to 07860 041 435 .  That’s it, nothing else is required we will then text you back your information.

Obviously all our staff are also here for your convenience, you can contact us and we will all do our best to help you or get help for you at the earliest opportunity.  We are a close company and we work together to provide a good service for our members.  You can get in touch via our website or social media.


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