Charity begins at Home…

This week were talking about the C Word!!

Believe it or not were not all about making profits, in fact we would love to be a Charity and do this for free but in reality we need to pay our staff and ourselves and have the funds to buy new stock (of course!!) but at Homestyle we do like to “give back” something to our members as often as we can. Is it charity or is it just the Homestyle Way?

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Yes we support several local charities but that’s for another blog, today were talking freebies.  We all love a freebie, go on admit it and we like to do give away our freebies by holding regular giveaways and competitions, no purchase is necessary to enter we do this for a benefit to our members, we get the feel good factor and love to see a happy member, a happy member is a member for life! Even more importantly they then mention us to their mates and voila another new member joins us.  Word of mouth is the best advertising we could ask for, and its absolutely free… priceless.

So given that im talking about giveaways and freebies it would be rude not to mention this very top secret , still in the planning stages, latest very best-est offer.  Listen up you wont want to miss this one.

Just yesterday I was informed that we have a brand new giveaway coming within the next few weeks, this will be a giveaway with a difference.  By now you probably realised we like to do things differently, we absolutely do not want to be tarred with the same brush as other high street lenders, i’m sure you know what ones i’m talking about!! have you noticed their giveaways may be massive but you have months and months to wait to see if you’ve won or NOT!  Not us, we don’t want to keep you hanging with unrealistic giveaways, we want you to win and we want you to win it now.

Members that join our personal shopper group will be given a weekly “special” offer, lets say for example one week its fragrances, one week its toys, one week its jewellery you get the idea.  At a certain day and time every week we will have this offer available at a discounted price and to make it even more special one member will get theirs totally FREE, there’s that word again, in case you missed it, i said FREE.  That’s the gist of it.

My suggestion would be to get yourself added to the personal shopper group on Facebook pronto as it will be running in there as an exclusive/perk for group members only.

Its such a new idea it does not even have a name yet, any one with an answer please send it in on a postcard lol!!   Shhhh though keep it quiet for now, some of our own staff are not even aware of this yet its that exclusive.

Thanks for reading same again next week 🙂

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