A day in the life of a Personal Shopper

Its early, the kids are already up but its barely 6am so i shut my eyes trying to get another hour in bed…. 10 minutes later I give in and get up to referee a fight about to happen in the front room.

Not long after the kids were all fed, dressed and moaning about going to school, a quick check of my emails and facebook messages and were off. I drop them all to school and then shoot into the office.

No time for coffee yet the phones been beeping so I need to fire off a few responses before I can tackle the emails I’ve been sent over night.

Typically, its all going crazy today, seems everyone wants something we don’t sell so i message our buyers and get them on the case while i try to prepare for my monthly meeting.  Seems I’ve left my note book at home so i’m frantically making more notes on what changes id like made and what new ranges my personal shoppers have been asking for.  Don’t ask don’t get, my list is looooooong as usual but half hour later i’m ready and coffee in hand off i go to my marketing meeting.

Meetings gone well but as per I am left with more work to do than I went in with, i’m not just your personal shopper i’m also heavily involved in the marketing, and this is what i do when i’m not being a personal shopper on Thursday and Fridays, but i’m usually still around in the background.  Anyway, back to the meeting, some good news came about so i’m happy and positive some good changes will soon be happening.  Will have to keep you guessing at the moment what they might be as too early to divulge at the mo i’m afraid. Lunch is eaten at my desk while Facebook is checked and messages responded too.

Next on the list is to get one of my members a cooker…. this is a lengthy one as we need to sort affordable weekly payments , delivery, stock checks, etc it takes a few members of staff to do this and we are not always in the office at the same time, luckily for me today its a good day and were all in and i get it sorted and have one happy member who can eat again!!

Few new products are being added to the website so before they go on their i get the images and show them to the personal shopper group, I like to show them the newest stock first so they get first dibs, even though it may not even be priced up yet, the early bird catches the worm afterall and sometimes we have limited stock as we like to test how popular it is first so i like to make sure my group members get to see them first.

pablo (56)

A few more sales are made before i move onto some marketing bits and bobs and time runs away with me.  Its a school pick up day so I leave in time to get the boys from school, armed with my iPhone (and I remembered to bring home the new note book) so I don’t miss anything while i’m gone.

Back home I referee another fight before feeding the animals (aka my three boys) then settle them down so I can catch up with Facebook and the group again before dinner.

The days flown by and after dinner things quieten down at home and on Facebook and I settle down to enjoy my evening, every now and then I hear a beep from the iPhone and if I can respond I will otherwise I note it down to deal with in the morning and I get ready for Holby City.

Sometime later I go to bed ready to start again tomorrow, not long til Kelly takes over on Thursday……

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