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10 Good Reasons to use our Personal Shoppers

Were all adjusting to this “new normal life”, whether its just got back to working, looking after our children, homeschooling, a key worker or juggling a bit of everything, it’s difficult.  

Sometimes trying to find the time to replace that broken kettle or order that baby toy you saw us advertise last week for your youngest just becomes a step to far, and that is where our personal shoppers can help you. They are here to make your shopping experience easier.

What does a personal shopper do exactly?  A personal shopper is the liaison between you and your purchase. Their job is to provide you with the best item to suit you or your home by identifying trends, gauging whats right, and promoting products that work for you or your home. Our goal is to give you what you want at a price you can afford.

So why should you use a personal shopper? 

Shopping with Homestyle often depends on your credit limit and the items you have in mind but sometimes finding what you want on our website or getting a socially distanced homestyle van visit isn’t easy, especially if you are self isolating or shielding. 

So that’s why our personal shoppers are a great idea, you can use a personal shopper for lots of reasons… we have over 4,000 members  in our personal shopper facebook group so far and if you fancy joining up we would love to have you, while you make up your mind and decide if you want to become a member why not take a look at our top 10 Benefits of using our personal shoppers, in no particular order….

  1.  Personal shoppers ‘do the leg work’ for you and place your orders and all from the comfort of your own home
  2. You get first glance at new and back in stock products in their “members only” group 
  3. You can ask them to source new products – they will do their best to find them for you!
  4. No need to be internet ‘savvy’ or have phone credit  – just have Facebook and comment on the product post – they will do the rest for you!
  5. Personal shoppers can liaise with other departments for you, eg warehouse and Accounts
  6. Personal shoppers can access stock availability, so we can let you know if an item will soon sell out or if its coming back into stock soon
  7.  They can combine your orders and combine delivery charges to save you money
  8.  Our personal shoppers are friendly and efficient, confirmed by frequent positive feedback from members, longstanding and loyal members choose to shop with them rather than our vans or website – so they must be doing something right! 
  9. Great place to give your feedback – they listen to you
  10. New from July, Discounts exclusive to Personal Shopper Group – orders over £50 get into a draw to get 15% off their next order with ps group.  Also this week brand new members receive 10% off their first order with them.  

Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper

So what else is there to know, whether you are a new member of an existing member join up now and let them do the ordering for you @psgrp

Our prices get better every month as our membership grows but we promise our personal shopper service will never change, its about you being a member not about what you order. Everyone is treated the same in their group. 

Here’s how to find them……

Personal Shopper

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